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When will my photos be ready? Your images will be ready in two weeks unless you booked a wedding, branding, or commercial shoot. These images can take up to 4-6 weeks.

How will my images be delivered?

You will receive a gallery with all your images sent directly to your email.

Do you travel? Yes, but there will an extra fee added to your session, but we could discuss that during your booking.

Do you use USB/Flash drives to deliver images? Sure, but there will be an additional fee for the USB/Flash drive.

Why is there an option for a store in my gallery? I'm glad you asked! The store is a professional photo lab that gives you an option to purchase and print your photos. They have plenty of sizes of prints to choose from and all your photos will be delivered directly to your door. 

How do I choose my favorites? There will be a heart icon on each photo in your gallery. If I choose that option for your session all you need to do is click on the heart icon and that will indicate which photos you love the most. Once you choose your favorites, I will receive an email and you will get all your favorite photos without my watermark.

Q & A's

What's next once I receive my gallery? Good question! There will be a small note included with your gallery. Please read the note. The note will include all the instructions and details you'll need for your images.

What if I have insecurities? We can discuss all of this before you even book a session with me.

I want to know what I can do to make you feel and look your best, so please be open. Trust me, I have insecurities as well.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask me. Communication is key! I hope this Q&A answered some of your questions or concerns. If not, lets talk.

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