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The Williams Family…

Updated: May 12, 2021

Hello, and thank you for stopping by to read the blog today. Let me introduce the Williams family to you today, but before we jump into this sweet session let me give you a short run down of how I met the Williams.

I met Beatrice and Jeremy maybe 13 years ago at church in San Antonio, TX. When I met them Beatrice was actually pregnant with her oldest son so you can imagine when we met up again I couldn't believe how grown up her oldest son had become! What a fun moment, it was a blast from the past!

Beatrice and Jeremy have four children now and they live in the beautiful state of Oklahoma. They are a military family and it was an honor to be able to serve a family who has dedicated their lives to serve our country.

During any session of mine I try to make it my number one goal to capture moments of joy, but also moments of silence, like this photo above of her little one playing with his toy train set.

The Williams homeschool their children so another important moment was to capture their daughter and her dad cooking in the kitchen. Cooking is something that she loves to do, so to capture this moment meant a lot to them.

Beatrice loves her coffee and this was a moment I captured of her and her hubby drinking coffee and just enjoying each others company.

Down below there are many more sweet moments of this family so I won't carry on too much longer, but I really hope you enjoyed the Williams' family as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

Thanks again for stopping by to read the blog. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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