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The Benjamin’s Mini Session...

Updated: Jan 7

Good evening! I’m so excited to share this beautiful family’s gallery with the world! Meet the Benjamins.

This is my second time photographing the Benjamin family. The first time it was during Covid, and we didn’t get the chance to photograph the older girls or the new addition which is a beautiful baby girl. So this time around I was able to photograph everyone and I feel grateful that I was able to capture everyone.

Can I just say it was hot in Arlington, TX! It was tough shooting in 106 degree weather and what blew my mind is that it was around 7:30 pm! Goodness, it was hot! But through it all, we pushed through and the family was happy with their shoot and at the end of the day that’s what really matters.

I also wanted to share that this session was a mini session. I get a lot of customers that ask what a mini session is, and this session is a perfect preview of one. Some families don't need a whole lot of photos so this could be the package that best suites you.

Well, as always, thanks for stopping by to read the blog!

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