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My First Night Photography Client

OMG, when I tell you I was out of my comfort zone, I was wayyy out of my comfort zone!

My client Vida wanted a night photo shoot and when she asked if I would do the session I was thinking, "What, there is no way I can do a night session!" Let me be honest, I am totally a natural light photographer and I still get antsy about that. But, instead of saying no I just went for it!

Right before Vida arrived I found a quick tutorial on night photography. Gosh, I am so thankful for Pinterest! I found a small article that gave me the run down on night photography. The article said, "Just look for lighting all over the place." And that's what I did!

When Vida arrived we were both nervous, but we did it and we believed we created some magic. Here's the outcome below!

Location: San Antonio,Tx

She was happy and I was happy to assist! Happy client, happy photographer!

Thanks for stopping by to read the blog! Hope you have a beautiful day!

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