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Hollyn's Portrait Session... Location: Downtown Fort Worth, TX

Updated: Jan 7

Hey there! Can you believe it, two blog posts in almost a week!! Goodness where's the rain drops! Anywho, I hope you all are having a wonderful week.

Today, I'm introducing Hollyn. She was incredible during her shoot. Her style, her grace, and sophistication was everything. I met Hollyn back in 2017 and instantly when I met her I knew she had something special about her. I always get that tingly feeling inside when I meet good people and most of the time my gut is right.

So back in March, I reached out to Hollyn and she was glad to do a shoot with me. I hope you all enjoy her session as much as I did. I really appreciate you all for stopping by to read the blog, you really encourage me to keep going!

Scroll down to check out Hollyn's session and thanks again!


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