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The Girl I Met At A Local Restaurant...

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Before I introduce you to my client I have a quick question? Do you ever have a feeling deep down inside that whispers to you, "Go and ask!" "Or just do it!" That's exactly how I felt when I first met Brittany.

I met Brittany at a local restraurant in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She was so kind and beautiful and I knew immediately that I wanted to ask if she would be interested in a photo shoot. Now I don't want to sound creepy. I don't always go around asking people can I take their picture? But for sure I knew deep down that she would be great!

When I asked her if she would be interested in a photo shoot, she was so happy! She immediately agreed! I was so excited because this little introvert always worries about asking people for anything. What a relief! I am so glad I didn't chicken out.

So enough about me carrying on, scroll on down and checkout Brittany's photos. She will definitely make you smile! As always, thanks for stopping by to read the blog. Have a beautiful day!

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